Wall Tent Sale

Polar Bear tents are made here in Sidney BC by the co-founder of the other well known brand, and uses exactly the same marine grade cotton and Sunforger coatings for mildew, fire, and water resistance. Jim has been making quality tents and frames for over a decade!

VantagePoint Outfitters already has the lowest prices on the market among all the high quality made in BC Wall Tents. Our aluminum frames are also the least expensive you will find and work great without the heavy bulky cast angles that require thumb screws to hold competitors frames together!

So in order to encourage you to make your purchase early this year (now, during our slow season) and so that you won’t get stuck in the annual production jam a little later on, we are offering you a 5% discount! Here is the discount code to use in the check out process… R6QDI908W

The code will apply to Wall Tents, Wall Tent Frames, Porches, Porch Frames, and VantagePoint Stoves.

Hope everyone has a great spring and good luck to the spring black bear hunters… April 1st is opening day here on Vancouver Island and I’m already packed and ready to roll!